About Me

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That's me.

I'm a UX Developer at Amplience in London, working on HTML5 based web applications. I have a degree in Computer Science from Teesside University, where I created an HTML5 graphics editor as part of my dissertation project.

I'm fascinated by technology, and the potential it brings to drastically improve our lives through minor changes. I'm particularly interested in artificial intelligence, which led me to create an artificial life simulator in JavaScript and HTML5.

My Projects

5Brush - A Web based graphics editing application using HTML5

5Brush User Interface.
User Interface of 5Brush

5Brush is built using Google Web Toolkit, allowing the application to be developed using the Java language and APIs, then compiled to Web-native JavaScript.

The HTML5 canvas element enables bitmap data to be directly manipulated, allowing full control of an image down to the values of individual pixels. Multiple canvas elements are overlayed, allowing elements of an image to be split into layers, to which effects can be applied. This level of control allows sophisticated manipulations to be performed on images.

Life.js - An artificial life simulator in JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

Screenshot of Life.js in action.
Life.js in action.

Life.js is an artificial life simulation that runs in JavaScript and renders to the HTML5 canvas object, based on the ScriptBots project by Andrej Karpathy

The simulation consists of a set of agents with sensors and effectors, controlled by neural networks which allow them to react to their environment and to one another. Over time, an evolutionary algorithm breeds new agents from the agents best adapted to acquiring food, either from their environment or by preying on one another.

Source code and further information is available on the projects' GitHub page.


Email me at jim@jimallanson.com and I'll do my best to respond as soon as I'm available.